Privacy Policy

The Moonmares Privacy Policy acknowledges the privacy practices for the Company. Moonmares Ltd., the provider of website services (referred to from here on in as “we” or “”us”), are dedicated to protecting your online privacy. The texts that follow will outline what elements of your data will be utilised and in what way the data will get used by us. 

We ask that you take the time to read thoroughly through this policy. By using or accessing our app, or our website, you recognise that you agree to be bound by the terms set out within the Moonmares privacy policy, along with the terms of use as set out in our website. If for any reason, you do not agree to be bound by these terms, please do not access the website. 

Data Use & Data Collection

Our main objective when we collect data is to improve our website, to be able to provide the best services; content ad features that we can for you. It is also to allow us to allow users to be able to move around the site with ease, and also to be able to administer your use of the website.

Data Logs

When you visit our website, as a member, or non-member, the servers at Moonmares will instantly record data from your internet browser, this is transmitted whenever you go to a website and is also known as “log data.” The might encompass data, such as your type of browser, your IP address and also the website, or URL that you left, prior to visiting our site. It may also log information such as what pages you visited on our website or mobile app, the amount of time you were on those pages, and also any searches you perform, along with time and date stamps whilst visiting Moonmares. This data is then used to analyse and monitor your use of our services, along with the technical administration, which allows us to increase our user friendliness, ease of navigation and also the overall functionality. It is also necessary to use this information to authenticate that certain criteria are met in order to process the requests when people visit the site or the app. This data is not treated as personal data, and we do not use it with any other personal data. From time to time, we might analyse, evaluate or aggregate such data for the reasons stated above related to other non-identifying data.

Transferring Information Internationally

Your information might be maintained and/or transferred to computers which could be located outside of your own country of residence, in which the laws pertaining to privacy might be different to those of your own country. By using the website and/or the mobile application, you are consenting to this privacy policy. 

Personally Identifiable Data

When you initially register with Moonmares and create a profile, or list an event, or register to attend an event, we will request and obtain personal data. This relates to data that is solely about you; that can be used in order to either make contact or identify you. This data may include, but is not limited to; your email address, telephone number, your name, postal address, but it will not include your credit or debit card data or billing information. It might also be requested from you to provide your credit card or billing data in order to allow us to carry out certain transactions within our application or via the website. We may also request personal data such as your email address and your name, however, your data of birth is optional. Moonmares reserves the right to request your address confirmation, if we do require this, we will contact you.

Personal Data is also obtained relating specifically to your registration. You are able to join Moonmares by the website and completing the required data on the online forms.

Moonmares will also retain other data that you provide as part of the registration process and for the administration and individualization of your Moonmares profile, this is not limited to, but may include such data as your postcode, your unique preferences, and demographic data – this is classified as non-identifiable data. In some instance, we will utilise your personal information in conjunction with your non-identifiable data; this would be to enable completion of your transactions, provide our services and also to administer any inquiries.

If for example, pieces of non-identifiable data were to be combined with your personal data, it would then be considered to be personal data. That same information is also considered non-identifiable data when it is considered alone or combined with any other non-identifiable data. From time to time, we might combine your personal data with non-identifiable data and aggregate this with data obtained from other users of Moonmares; this will be in order to give you the best user experience, along with improving the quality of the service provided to you. It will also be used for analysis and for the comprehension of how our website is used. It may also occur that we use this combined data to service you specifically, for example, to serve you with a product or service according to your individual preferences.

We may also utilise your personal data to contact you with Moonmares newsletters, promotional materials, marketing and other data which we believe to be of interest to you. We do offer an unsubscribe function, should you at any time decide that you do want to receive any of these communications from us. We will also utilise your personal data to contact you directly with data relating to your use of the Moonmares service; it is not possible to opt-out of these updates.

Cookies Explained

Similar to many other websites, we utilise cookies to obtain and store data. A cookie is a mini-data file that is placed onto the hard disk of your computer or device for record-keeping reasons. Cookies are used for two main functions, the first of which is to save your login data to make it easy for you to login to the application or the site when you return. The secondary reason is to use session ID cookies to unlock and permit specific features of the site, or to get a clearer understanding of how you use the site whilst monitoring the uses and the different web traffic routing on the site.  These cookies are not the same as persistent cookies as session cookies are always removed when you log off from the website. Any third party promoters, or advertisers on our site, might also read, or place cookies on your browser, it is possible for you to change your own browser setting to cease accepting cookies, or to notify you before you accept cookies from sites that you visit. Some features or parts of the Moonmares services may become unavailable if you do not have cookies enabled. 

Web Beacons

Our website might contain electronic images which are called web beacons which are used with cookies to collate data which helps us to analyse the workings of the site. They may also be utilised within our email to give us feedback on what specific links within emails have been opened and clicked on by the email recipients. This is helpful data to Moonmares as it reports to us on the effectiveness of our client communications and our marketing activities.

Email phishing

Phishing is a commonly used term which constitutes identity theft. The securing of, and safety of your information is a significant priority to us at Moonmares. We will not request your account ID, password, payment card data or identification numbers at any time in an unsolicited email, via text, or through a telephone call.

Transfer of business

It is possible that Moonmares might transfer, sell or share some, or all of its assets. This could include your personal data, in relation to an acquisition, a merger, a reorganisation or in the event of bankruptcy.

Deleting or amending your data

Any member of Moonmares is able to update, delete, review or correct their personal data in their individual profile by contacting us directly via email; the functionality will also exist to allow a user to change this from within their own profile as well. If you wish to cancel your account, please get in touch with us via email, as long as there is no justifiable business reason or any type of legal obligation to keep the data stored within your account, we shall honour this request. It is important to note that any reviews which you have posted will remain in place, even with the cancellation of your account. 


Moonmares will not collect data knowingly from anyone under the age of thirteen. If you are below this age, do not submit any personal information through the website or the application. We would always encourage parents or guardians to monitor closely, the internet usage of their children and to help to enforce this point in the privacy policy by confirming with their children not to give out personal data. If there is any reason at all that you suspect or believe a child under the age of thirteen has given their personal information to Moonmares, we will encourage you to get in touch with us so that we are able to remove that data from our records.

Message Boards or Public Areas

Moonmares may provide areas on the website where a user can post data and communicate with other members of the site, along with being able to post reviews and submit content. This data might be reachable by other customers and business and could appear on alternative websites or come up in Internet searches. Moonmares is unable to control who can view this data, so we would advise always to exercise caution when posting any personal data. 

Alternative Services and Websites:

The Moonmares Privacy Policy is only applicable to data that you provide directly to our site. The website might provide or offer links to different websites, or services which are not controlled or operated by Moonmares.  The procedures and policies we have outlined here, will not apply to these third-party sites. Moonmares has not endorsed in any way the sites or service offered by third parties. We advise contacting the websites of these third parties directly for data pertaining to their own privacy policies.


Moonmares always takes reasonable and appropriate steps to safeguard the personal information given to the site from misuse, loss, disclosure, destruction, unauthorized access or alteration. No email internet or other electronic sending and receiving of data can be entirely secure or free of error. We would always encourage you to take caution when sending us data in this way. 


Only with your approval and permission will we post your testimonial on the application or the website, with your name. If you would like to remove any testimonials for any reason, please contact us by email in the first instance.

Amendments to the Moonmares Privacy Policy:

The application, website or our business might be altered from time to time. It might, therefore, be necessary for Moonmares to make alterations to this policy periodically. Moonmares reserves the right to alter this policy at any given point in time with notice beforehand. We request that you regularly review this policy, we will always indicate at the top of this page when the most recent changes to the policy were made. Your use of the website after these changes have taken place indicates that you agree with the amended terms of the revised policy.

Getting in touch with Moonmares

If you wish to contact us with any questions about this policy, please email us in the first instance.

Last updated: Jan 2019