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8T8 Constellation Poster
Light off and Let the stars glow!

In modern astronomy, the sky is divided into 88 regions called constellations. Interestingly, and not known to most is that these constellations are based on the asterisms of Greek and Roman mythology. Those which are positioned along the ecliptic are more commonly known as the constellations of the zodiac. The 88 constellations, in fact, depict 42 animals, 29 inanimate objects, and 17 humans or mythological characters!

8T8 is a colourful and interesting poster chart listing all 88 constellations in alphabetical order. What’s unique about this fascinating poster is that the constellations will glow-up and come to life when you turn off the lights. Bringing the entire astronomical experience into a room at night is both educational and stimulating for both adults and children.

1x 8T8 Poster
Paper: 157gsm 2/s art paper
Printing: 4c + 0 with 1/s sport nocti-lucent ink (Silk Print)
Finishing: 1/s matt pp lamination