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Modern skeletonized design reinvented for the 21st century

AN22 - An everyday carry retractable blade that's actually suitable for everyday use - What a concept!

A multi-tool with a minimalist design, just what you need when you only have room for one tool. Your perfect solution for home, work, camping, on the road, where ever you need it, no keychain is complete without one.

Outstanding single-edge cutting performance slices through cardboard, foam and tape. Serrated lower edge can tackle rope, thin wires and soft woods.

Changing worn blades is simple, just remove the screws to open the body. Screws can also be adjusted to use Right- or Left-handed

Multi-tool Components

The AN22 body has a notch to fit 1/4" driver bits. It can also be used as a universal wrench, with seven individual socket sizes.

1x Grade 5 Titanium multi tools body
2x Stainless steel blade (1 for spare)
1x Parachute cord lanyard
1x 1.27mm Hex key
1x Metal case