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ANDice 2
Greek, Hebrew, Armenian ancient dice

The new ANDice - Series 2 has been carefully handcrafted with resin. With a durable resin that gives an authenticly raw ancient feeling. Each of the numbers will be painted on by hand with an Old Gold color.

The Greek numbers are a system of writing numbers, that use the letters of the Greek alphabet.

The Hebrew numbers are a quasi-decimal alphabetic numeral system that uses the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The Armenian numbers are a historic numeral system created using the majuscules (uppercase letters) of the Armenian alphabet.


They may have a slight color variation due to the unique hand-painted procedure, but we assure all customers of a meticulous quality control process in order to ensure the colors are close to, or even better.

1x Greek dice, 1x Hebrew dice, 1x Armenian dice included per set

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