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The Dragon, Skeleton and Wizard

We are proud to present a World First low poly dice set that comes with a presentation stand. Beautifully designed and hand-crafted with care, it is a true one-of-a-kind set that can be used practically or set in a display. The intricate detailing and highly characteristic design make this set a perfect present for a loved one or for yourself.

The Dragon set

A Dragon is symbolic of intelligence and power. It is a mystical beast the invokes a feeling of mystery, strength, and excitement amongst all ages. This unique set consists of a legendary dragon from ancient times; the accompanying dice is a quirky celebration of this cryptic mythical beast.

The Skeleton set

The Skeleton depicts a gothic representation of mortality and death. The bones of a body are the final traces of a living body and ignite a sense of wonder and fascination. The undead skeleton dice design is captivating and clever. The skull dice can be held within the hands of the skeleton, and it is presented with a unique design that is not replicated elsewhere.

The Wizard set

The spirit of the wizard is captivated throughout this unique design. Holding up a wand, the wizard is representative of concentration, a higher level of consciousness, and earthly energy. It embodies all elements of earth, wind, air, water, and fire. Poised to cast its part in a fairy tale, the story of mystery and illusion awaits with this enchanting figure with accompanying wizard themed dice.

The dice stand are also perfect for your own Polyhedral Acrylic dice set.

The Dragon set
Dimensions: 62 × 50 × 49 mm
Weight (Per set): 120 g
The Skeleton set
Dimensions: 27 × 28 × 37 mm
Weight (Per set): 65 g
The Wizard set
Dimensions: 30 × 27 × 39 mm
Weight (Per set): 70 g
1x Figure dice stand
2x LOPOLY dice
We have carefully chosen the optimal materials for the construction of the products. We will be using zinc metal due to the way it looks and feels. It is also highly durable and ensures the production of a long-lasting, high-quality product. Each dice set will be anodized in a slightly different color. Product in photos are 3D printed prototypes. The actual product may have a slight color variation, but we assure all backers of a meticulous quality control process in order to ensure the colors are close to, or even better than the prototypes.