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Monsters Boom
Let's the monster grow and win
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The game is for between 2-4 players and takes around 10 minutes to complete. There are 36 number grid cards and 96 monster cards that are grouped into 4 colour groups (4 species).

Monsters Boom is a monster growing and more engaging version of tic-tac-toe; it is quickexciting, more strategic. What’s more than this, it is colourful, and it adds more fun for you kids with the 96 different monsters we have created.

This game will allow young children to learn how to develop an overall game strategy and also use and apply basic logic from a young age. It helps them to prepare for more complicated games because they have to consider a multitude of things at the same time.

Try this for more fun! Instead of laying the monster card to your grid to get 3 in a row, you can also use your turn to block any player from winning by laying the card onto one of their cards on the grid. Another variant you can use with this game is instead of putting the number card 3x3 in normal ascending order; you can randomly lay them to form the grid. This will make every game, and every turn more exciting and different.


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