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TERA Dice Mid-Night Punk Edition
Japanese Architectural Design Dice

The Japanese word for a temple is a Tera. It is typically an ancient place of great beauty that is stooped in traditional and a place people bow down to worship.

Inspired by the stunning Japanese architectural design and its culture, we have designed and created the TERA dice, a beautiful 7-layer spinner top dice. Each layer of the Tera dice is designed with a special Japanese character symbol and pattern. Making this completely unique and a true work of art.

The seven layers of the dice are each designed with different dimensions, to suit all different games and give the overall product the versatility needed to become useful to many for a wide-range of gaming requirements. Each of the individual layers is explained in detail for you below, take a look at the image to see for yourself just how wonderful this product is really going to look.

1x TERA 7-layer spinner top dice
1x Symbol card
Material: Zinc Alloy
Color: Mid-Night Punk

Wooden Display box included