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It's How Wizards Roll
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We are eager to build on the enthusiasm of our supporters and deliver another dice set that is inspired by our passion and creativity. The TURRIM Dice Tower Set is a completely new and unique way to roll!

The TURRIM Dice Tower Set carefully integrates a gorgeous wizard's tower aesthetic into the design, resulting in an enchanting element of d├ęcor and functionality that adds playability, convenience and atmosphere to your game events. This is a must-have dice set for gamers and dice collectors.

The TURRIM Dice Tower Set is a seven-level polyhedral dice set that contains a separate die within each layer: D4, D6, D8, D10/D00, D12 and D20, along with a base to hold them upright. Disassemble and roll when needed to conduct rituals of prophecy and the arcane for your favorite role playing and board games.

Conjure forth results for to-hit rolls, damage, random encounters, movement and much more. Ideal for avid gamers and collectors, the mystical appearance of these dice conjures a wonderfully unique and wizardly aura that helps set the stage for an immersive gaming session.

Some of the dice are rolled to generate a result, others are spun. All of our dice designs are thoroughly tested and verified to output random results. When not in use, stack the dice to reforge the wizard's tower and create a focal point of sorcerous authority at your gaming table.

Each die and component is named in Latin for an element of potency and fidelity that it brings to your gaming table:

1x TURRIM Dice Tower set
1x Polyhedral Dice set (will matches the color of the TURRIM set)
1x Dice bag